One step at a time

They have been intrigued to see God guide them one step at a time on this journey and they are very grateful.

In some ways it felt like a dream for Ragnar and Elizabeth as a touch they held the printed books of Kankana-ey Phase 1. Before it really had time to sink in they were on their way to a mountain province (about a three hour drive) to begin teaching the believers how to teach these lessons.

The next week they found themselves on a four hour drive north to where the Kankana-ey work first began. Then they went to the Kankana-ey tribe where they lived and ministered in the past. This had the side benefit of enabling them to have lots of time with their spiritual children and grandchildren. The final training was in the town close to where they live where many Kankana-ey have settled.

It was fantastic for Ragnar and Elizabeth to see several people participate in each of the ten church plants. Lots of believers soaked up the recently written lessons and showed much interest in wanting to share this great news with their neighbours, relatives and friends. Another HUGE answer to prayer.

During this time Ragnar an Elizabeth were also working on Phase 2 and managed to have the lessons ready for just in time for the three men to teach at the Kankana-ey believers conference over the Easter weekend.

Pray for Ragnar as he continues to work on these lessons, maybe adding a lesson or two before the final edit ready to go to the printers

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