One more to go!

Another split meeting with the men meeting in one house and the ladies in another was again exciting for the missionaries to hear the ladies become more vocal.
The weekly Bible reading practice days are really helping the readers improve in their speed and comprehension!
Recently the Nagi team members made a trip to a nearby village to help with a health clinic. They hiked down the afternoon before to make sure things were set for the arrival of the nurses and doctor by plane the following day. The nurses and doctor were able to see everyone from the village and several of the Nagi stepped in to help make things run smoothly.
Please pray for Kubili and Joanna as they head to town. They have much to accomplish while there including getting some things lined up for their upcoming home assignment, visiting children at the school, and updating literacy and translation materials. Please pray for safe travels and that the Lord will direct them to the right people to help them get the tasks accomplished in the short amount of time that they have.

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