One hundred hours

Brian Schaadt serves as a pilot in the Philippines. Last week, he and his co-worker, Lance, worked on the helicopter he has been flying to perform a 100-hour inspection. Each 100 hours of flying time the helicopter is taken down for this inspection. The idea is to find potential problems before they occur and to perform preventative maintenance.

The inspection went very well. They only a few small discrepancies and even those repairs were done swiftly. The idea is to have a safe helicopter to fly and yet have it flying as soon as possible. Folk will be glad the helicopter is flying again, as they have been waiting to be taken into the tribe, and others are waiting for supplies.

Brian and Lance and had a great time working together and without him the week would have turned out much differently. Lance and his family came to the field over a year ago, have gone through language and culture study. Lance recently began his ministry as a Maintenance Specialist. Lance lives in different region of the Philippines helping the flight programme there but travelled in order to work with Brian on this maintenance inspection.

Brian has always desired to have a maintenance specialist on the Philippine field and never had until now, so it is a real blessing.
Thank you for holding up the missionary team in prayer even for the practical things of their ministry like aircraft maintenance. God is interested in all parts of our lives. Brian assists the process of tribal church planting by using his gifts, along with fellow believers, ministering in the task of taking the Gospel to the remotest parts of the earth.

Continue to pray for the missions aviation team.