On your mark, get set…

David and Christine are looking forward to serving the Lord by serving the students and their families during this school year which started on Monday, 17 August.
Abby was a great help as she cleaned classrooms and helped to get the school in order.
Sarah and her friend, Grace, also helped teachers get ready during the in-service week.
David would appreciate your prayers as he teaches a Bible class for the first time this year.
Christine, will be teaching a Spanish class this year in addition to her two sciences. She was planning on only teaching two classes, but the need arose for her to take on a Spanish class, so she would really appreciate your prayers as well! Sarah will be in both her Spanish class and a science class. It hit Christine recently that she will not have Abby in her classes again. This is her junior year, one more after this one. Pray for them as a family as they look to the future and all the decisions that lie ahead.

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