On the move

It has been eight years since Lance and Laura Ostman moved into their Oklahoma home. However, they realised recently, that they have only spent about half of those eight years actually living there. Life has kept them on the move.

For example in June, a couple of weeks after returning from the Philippines, where they have ministered among the Higaunon people since 1983 they travelled to Laura’s hometown, where they spent three weeks with family and supporters. From there, they travelled to Tennessee and South Carolina before returning home. Then this past month they have also travelled to several locations for ministry and to spend time with friends.

Meanwhile, they have started looking for tickets for their next trip to the Philippines. They plan to leave in early to mid-January. In all this, they are thankful for how God has allowed them to have a place to call home in the USA.

Recent news from co-workers, Ron and Michelle, in the village was that due to flooding, the hydro-generator stopped working. The batteries did not hold their charge because of their age. Unfortunately, as Ron was working to get it restarted, he had some serious pain! That made him realise that they need to replace the old batteries, so this does not keep happening. Thank you for praying for God’s protection, provision, and direction.

Lance is trying to finish his translation work on Ezekiel. He has spent many hours reading and listening to teachings about the last eight chapters of the book. Ezekiel is not easy.

They have also been working with and equipping students from Asia over the internet. One of their students has been very sick with Thalassemia. She is determined to keep up with her studies. Please pray for provision for her medical bills.

Thank you for your partnership with them in this ministry through prayer.