On break

Steve and Gerdine Stanley and family were happy that the weather improved, and they could fly out of the village for a break. The pilot was only an hour away from calling off the flight for the second day in a row.

They are staying at the guest house in Lapilo, the mission’s headquarters in Goroka, PNG and had planned that after a few days they would move to the guest house in Sobega the central area headquarters a fifteen-minute flight away. They are enjoying catching up with friends in Lapilo but were also looking forward to seeing friends in Sobega too.

A surprising development is that they have flown out just at the start of a fuel problem. They received an email informing them that they are currently in Goroka indefinitely until the fuel supply issues are resolved. The plan was for their co-workers, the Stous family, to fly out for a break as Stanleys flew back in, thus making the best use of both legs of the helicopter flight. That has needed to change and now the Stous family have chosen to stay in Kovol until their (and the Stanley’s) food supplies run out at which point they will fly out. Please pray for the fuel supply issues to be resolved.

After four months isolated in the bush, thy are enjoying having so many friends to spend time with! Their children are enjoying the playgrounds and nice food, Oscar has been making new playmates and Alice and Millie have been enjoying exploring.

When on a break, most of Steve and Gerdine’s time is spent entertaining their children most of the day with playgrounds, baking, Lego, reading and videos with afternoon naps and early bedtimes, plus daily meals with friends. It is good for them to relax. They are slowly unwinding and letting off a little steam.