Off its hinges

As Paul and Marina Briggs look back over 2014, they have been encouraged by the growing interest in literacy among the Loron people and especially the believers. Dozens of students are at various stages of the course and many are becoming very good readers and writers. A number of these are young people who lost the opportunity of an education because of the ten year war in Ivory Coast.
A couple of times during the year they visited our missionaries in Burkina Faso. The door to missionary work in Burkina is not only open; it’s off its hinges!
One of the most challenging periods of the year was when, as a mission, NTM had to make the difficult decision to withdraw missionaries from Guinea and Liberia because of the rapid spread of Ebola. Since the outbreak, over 20,000 people in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone have become infected and around 7,000 people have died.
Probably the most exciting event for Paul and Marina was being asked to help baptise 48 new Loron believers in October. Paul helped with a few, and the church leaders baptised the rest.

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