There is a lot of work that needs to be accomplished before this shiny new plane can fly and serve our missionaries. Josh is working on steps that will help the maintenance crew to work on the wings of the Kodiak. This plane is a lot higher than the 206 Cessnas
The men in the hangar are working hard to write a CASA accepted manual for repairs etc. The plane needs to be inspected and accepted by the government officials /CASA. All manuals and documentation need to meet the requirements of the law. Pilots need to get the training to fly the Kodiak in PNG. All this ground work is a big responsibility for our NTMA team in PNG. Pray for the stamina, courage and team spirit as they work on this huge project.
God has answered prayer about the need for pilots. There are three new young pilots, including Josh. There are even two more on their way to PNG. Josh is hoping to soon start flying again and start his training. He just received his flight crew licence.
Koen and Anne-Laure had been praying for a ministry for Anne-Laure but the Lord had already answered, although they just had not realised it She is now officially on the member care team as she had been doing member care the whole time.
Pray for Anne-Laure as she has had more health problems. The tops of her big toes, feet and ankles sometimes feel like they want to fall asleep. On top of that her neck got stuck. Her neck is getting better slowly, but Koen and Anne-Laure need wisdom with regard to her other symptoms.
The people are once again experiencing a drought; please pray for rain.

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