Now they are six

John and Sarah are still in the same house which is a bit of a tight squeeze now. They arrived to what felt like a mini welcoming committee at their home. Friends had not only filled their fridge with necessities, but had decorated their house for Christmas. Even their dog Sunday seemed glad to see them.
They are so thankful for all the prayers that went before them as they returned to Southeast Asia. The travel and transition from N. Ireland for all six of them seemed formidable. However, unforeseen blessings have helped the transition go more smoothly than they had anticipated. The weather has been pleasantly cool which definitely suits the twins. Untypical for this time of year, mosquitoes have been largely absent, which makes getting up in the night. Although the twins keep Sarah busy, life is slower in other respects. It is best for them to be home much of the day, and John and Sarah have continued to keep them away from big crowds and groups of children for fear of viruses. When they take walks around the neighbourhood everyone wants a peek at the twins, so it’s easy to begin conversations. There are a few other young mums close by to spend time with and plenty of visitors. Sarah has enjoyed reconnecting with her previous language teacher and her Buddhist friend.
Getting around with all four children was problematic for Sarah; then out of the blue, a car has been loaned to them by a family who had to go on leave for medical reasons. Vivienne and Tessa are enjoying school and being back with friends.
Whilst picking up classes at Hope International School in January is far from ideal, the student body has proved to be adaptable and warm in receiving John. The high school will be moving at the end of February to a site that is about 45 minutes from its present location. A former Bible college is being rented, renovated and extended with a view to becoming a secure home for Hope School. This is a seismic shift with most of the high school staff and many missionary families having to contemplate either an arduous daily commute or a move across the city.
Pray that Hope School will retain its focus on supporting missionary families and that the new school will be ready for the move at the end of February when the current lease expires.
Continue to pray for them as a family to stay healthy and keep safe on the roads.
Also pray that the missionaries will continue to be able to acquire visas.

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