Now is the time to sow

Looking back on their recent trip to Senegal, Dubby and Anna Rodda contrast the dry season with the rainy season!

What a contrast! When the first rains come, the ground softens and the farmers quickly sow their seed.  Seedlings appear in two to three days! In the space of ten weeks, bare ground can produce a large crop.

Good plants will only grow if the farmer sows lots of good seed!  June is the key time to sow good seed if you want a crop!

A visual parable – for all the years Dubby and Anna lived with the Saafis, the ground seemed so hard spiritually. This resembled the Saafis farming – year dry season. For the Saafis, they are now in June spiritually!

They have heard of and seen so much evidence that the spiritual hardness of the past is softening, and people are now curious to know what they have been prevented from hearing by their religious leaders! The spiritual ground is softening and being prepared to receive the good seed of God’s Word!

As if to confirm this thought to them, in the last few hours of their recent visit, the Good Lord sent the first rain after nine months of drought!

Rejoice with Dubby and Anna in what the Lord Jesus has been doing to prepare the ground! Praise Him for His kindness toward the Saafi people in preparing many hearts!

Now is the time to sow lots of good seed – God’s Word! If the opportunity is missed, the hope for a great spiritual harvest for Christ and His glory will also be missed.