Not too lonely

Rachel has a cold and chest infection but the Lord was able to grant strength for her to take Sunday school last week. The children knew she was unwell and listened really well to the story and helped with the jobs needed to be done, including tidying up at the end. It was lovely that they honoured her in this way. Pray for good health for Daniel and Rachel and their kids as they strive alone for a while and for growth in the believers as they take on some of these roles.
Daniel and Rachel have not been too lonely though, as they have had a few visits from some other missionaries and also a team of eight from the USA. The team visited them to see what tribal church planting is like, and they stayed for two nights. The first evening they met with the believers in the village and shared testimonies of God’s saving grace in our lives. Someone from the Fresno team shared first and Daniel translated into the Wahgi language. Then one of the Wahgi believers shared a testimony and so the evening went on. It was a beautiful time of connecting across cultures and language barriers with the common bond in Christ. One of the members of the team was a physiotherapist and helped Rachel with an ongoing hand problem that she had from playing hockey whilst on break in March.
As their co-workers have been gone for the last six weeks, Daniel and Rachel have been holding the fort, along with the help of some of the believers. Robyn Lenz is expecting their fourth child by C-section on 23rd July. They are planning to return to the tribe, Lord willing, in July 2017, so Daniel and Rachel will be by themselves for a while. Please pray for a safe delivery of the baby girl and for Robyn as she goes through and then recovers from another C-section.
Also, pray for good opportunities for them to be able to share what God is doing in Wahgi and challenge many to support the work in prayer.
Thanks for praying for the believers in the village. There seem to be so many things that hold them back from becoming the people that God wants them to be. Animism is still going on strongly in their minds even though they have trusted in Christ. Recently one of the younger women bought 50 day old chicks to raise and 40 of them died for no apparent reason one day when they were only a few days old. Local neighbours said they died because her dead mother was not happy with her and had killed them. This is the typical thought pattern of an animistic worldview, but the missionary team have been trying to teach against these ideas that are anti-Biblical. It’s really hard for them to let go of their animistic ideas and practices. Keep praying for them to grow in their faith and for the truth of the scriptures to dispel the darkness.
The translation work is plodding on. Daniel has recently translated 1Timothy and Titus and is starting into 1 Thessalonians. Levi finished 1 Corinthians before going on furlough, and they have Romans and Ephesians finished, so they have quite a good amount of Scriptures to teach through in the coming months. Please keep praying for wisdom for them to translate well, for their helpers who give much of their time to seeing this work completed and for the Word to impact many people’s lives.
The literacy programme is still going on but the numbers have dwindled down to only two people. It seems really hard to get people to commit to something long term there in the Highlands. The two who are still attending are very keen to get to full fluency. Pray that these students will excel at reading, with God’s help, and God will help them to fulfil their desires to bring truth to their family.
Some months ago there was a dispute over land that their little church building was on and it never got fully sorted. One of the believers contributed some money to buy a small plot of land and hope in the next few months to clear the land and build a Sunday school house and a separate meeting house on it.
The kids are doing well. Ben is off to boarding school in Goroka in two weeks’ time. He will be attending Numonohi Christian Academy. They are very thankful for the Digicel service that allows them to use mobile phones even in the bush, and so they will be able to chat often to Ben. It is big step for Ben and for Daniel and Rachel too. Pray for Ben and Daniel and Rachel as he transitions to dorm and school life, and for all support missionaries at the NTM base who serve the Lord there.
Both Georgia and Rebekah are in need of speech therapy. But they live in a village in the middle of the rainforest in PNG, so where do they find help? Isn’t it amazing when the Lord provides even in the midst of the PNG jungle? They found out that a lady working with MAF is a trained speech pathologist and she has been extremely helpful by providing her service in this way. They get to visit as friends and the girls get the help they need. God is faithful to meet all of their needs.
Please also pray for Dan’s Dad who is not well at the moment. He has lost a lot of weight and strength too. He is planning to see the doctor this coming week. He has had some tests done but nothing conclusive has come to light. Pray that the Lord will help the doctors to find out the problem and that he will be healed.

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