Not subject to change

Aaron and Amy Speitelsbach are serving among the Glarro in Liberia, West Africa and are thankful that He has not changed, will not change, and is always faithful to His promises and for the opportunity to learn to trust Him more, in these difficult times.

Aaron hit some trouble spots in his eighth Bible lesson (Gen 3:15-23) which he is still revising. There are some concepts that are very hard to communicate. This became even clearer after a comprehension check. After working for hours on it, the main idea that they were trying to communicate was still not clear to the Glarro hearer.

Amy is continuing to analyse Glarro discourse features. That means, when and where do they use what expressions, and for what reason. In addition, how do they organise a speech. The Glarro actually do many things differently than in English.

Please pray that God will guide them in how to communicate the Truth of the Bible in a way that is easily understood. Also pray that the Glarro will start looking for answers for life from God.

Aaron has not been feeling 100% for quite a while now, and has had a low grade fever off and on. He is took antibiotics to see if that would help but ended up taking a malaria treatment. He is doing a little bit better now, but is still very easily exhausted. Please pray for improved health.

Aaron and Amy have no idea how long they will be unable to travel from the village. Pray for wisdom for them that if a repatriation flight to the USA becomes available, whether they should try to get on it, so that Amy can get a surgery scheduled sooner than later. Pray that they will follow God’s will and not theirs.