“Not another language, please…”

Michi and Manu live in the city in Asia-Pacific, They are in the early stages of learning the language and are slowly being able to communicate more and more, which they are happy about. On the other hand, it also is tiring to always be a “learner”, not understanding everything, to seem foreign and to stand out everywhere. Hence, the desire in their hearts to be able to speak the language well as quickly as possible and not have to start from scratch another time. However, God knows their hearts and needs well, and He knew exactly how to encourage them during their time at a recent field conference.

During the weeklong conference, they were able to have fellowship, listen to the Word, have fun, and hear reports on what God is doing in the different ethnic groups/villages. As “newcomers” they were able to get a first impression of the region and the local team. Michi and Manu clearly saw how God used the individual team reports in particular to help them refocus. It was encouraging to see what God is doing in the villages among people who have never heard of the saving message in their own language. Michi and Manu still do not know if God will lead them to go into a village or if they will take on one of the many other equally important roles outside the villages so that someone else can go into the villages, but…they do know that God will lead them. They have been strengthened and encouraged by the testimonies at the conference, to bring their inability and perhaps fear before God and say: “Even if the path is not going to be easy – even if it would mean learning another language at some point when they really do not feel like it, it is worth the effort.” People need the truth and people keep asking for the truth. They trust that in all the many unanswered questions, and the decisions before them and during their everyday life in the city God will show them the way.

Reflecting on everyday life, they are amazed at how normal many things have already become for them…driving scooters (almost) without traffic rules, boiling water on the gas cooker, sweating while sitting, carrying pet chameleons around and feeding them with crickets, eating rice almost every day. Their two household helpers are not only a great help, but also friends and really good “language teachers”, because they are simply part of their family.

The fact that the boys only have to change rooms to go to school, and mum and dad have school afterwards is now a usual part of the day. A highlight for their boys is that they have recently been able to play football with other children at an international school once a week.

Relationships deepen and language skills grow. They clearly see the power, guidance and favour of the Lord.

They are grateful to God for…

…the successful completion of the first stage of language learning

…many new insights into the work in Asia-Pacific

…their children, who mainly do really well and often help with building relationships

…relationships that are becoming friendships

…that they have been granted an annual visa

They ask God that…

…they continue to have the motivation, strength and health to learn the language

…relationships become really good friendships

…as a family, they experience a lovely first “warm Christmas” far away from home

…He equips them in their parenting

…they recognise His will regarding their future ministry