Not alone

At the end of this month Steve and Philip along with a veteran missionary will be spending a week in this area to gather information. The Lord has remarkably provided for their transport into the area. They needed a flight into one airstrip and a flight out of another over 50Km away 8 days later. As it is a remote area the team were expecting to have to charter flights to get there; but it just so happened that another mission had flights going in and out at the exact times needed so the team will only need to pay passenger rates rather than charter two flights!
Once in the area there are no roads so they will be using canoes and hiking to go from village to village. Apart from the usual dangers in a tropical climate there is the extra danger of tuberculosis and crocodiles.
Pray for wisdom and safety on this trip.
On their return they will write up their findings and present them to leadership and draft a church planting strategy statement. They already know that there are three distinct languages in this area.

As they prepare they praise God for the wider team that includes people who can build houses, fly planes, provide medical advice, good technical language learning support, fix computers, assemble solar systems, keep track of paperwork, act as a quick response team if something goes wrong, care for them and pray for them. They are not alone in this, the team also includes you because you pray for them.

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