North Cotes College

While studying at North Cotes College, the students are all encouraged to get involved in the local churches. Lincolnshire is a huge and very rural county and the staff and students usually travel 30-60 minutes to get to church.

God has been answering prayer for some more staff and we are so thankful for each one on the team!

Very early on in the missions course the students spend four days and nights in woods on an outdoor survival course. A Christian man runs this and each year it proves to be such a blessing. They learn how to make fire and then cook over it, sleep in a shelter that they have to build, and learn many other practical and team building lessons.  Back in the classroom, there have been many valuable lessons in areas such as church planting and doctrine, the Christian life, preparing to go to the field and what it means to partner with churches, cultural anthropology and the very important area of child protection. Men and women are being equipped during this year of study to serve the Lord in a cross-cultural setting. There are many tools to add to their tool belt, but most importantly pray that God would prepare their hearts.

The first term is almost at an end. Pray for the students as they take a week’s break, that they will be refreshed and ready for classes to resume.