North coast church plant

Eight lessons per week are being taught in two languages, primarily by just one teacher. All along the way, the interest has been very high to hear the plan of redemption, with people coming continuously wanting to hear. The teachers have hardly had any down time, as folks are clamouring at their door from dawn until dark and often right through the night. The church plant is much closer to town, which is a transient community reliant on oil palm blocks, harvests and payments. Sixteen people faithfully attended the teaching. Initially it looks like all of these folks have come to clear faith in the finished work of Christ!
When one of the new believers was asked what he’d say when he stands before God and asked why he should be let into heaven, he responded so confidently and with such joy that because of his repentance and faith alone he’d fly straight in. Another shared as his whole face lit up that he’d begun to put his faith in the Redeemer from the 9th lesson on. Wondrously the teachers began to see miraculous changes in his life such as fear, shame and other things beginning to fall away.
The Bible teachers are personally interviewing each listener to see where they are standing and to access what level of teaching they’ll need going forward. Pray for wisdom for the teachers to hear each heart and for stamina to finish well. The planting of this church is in direct response to continued support, encouragement and prayers.
Simon and Annika are happy to announce that Annika is pregnant! They have just had the 20 week scan, so the baby will be due in May. Everything with the baby looks great on the scan, including the heart. Continue to pray that the baby will grow well and they will have an uneventful delivery. They still hope to be returning to PNG later this summer, but they wait on God to show them the next step.
Currently Simon is heading up a large conversion of the café in their church in Edinburgh: Carrubbers. It’s a big job, which involves a new ceiling, doors, new flooring and a complete facelift. They have had a great team and work is going well. Pray that they can finish the work on time. At the end of the month Simon is speaking at a youth weekend away. Pray for him as he prepares four sermons and Bible studies on Philippians. He will also be busy speaking away at churches in February. Annika’s parents are again full time missionaries with New Tribes and are planning to visit them for a few weeks in February. Pray for a great visit and that God would lead them clearly to the area he wants them to serve.

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