Sasch and Charissa Schwendich with Ruben, Judah, Hosanna and Zadok who serve among the Buru people of Asia-Pacific, recently spent a couple of weeks in the city to renew visas. They are infinitely thankful for God’s provision through the last eleven years in this country and the opportunity to serve Him.

The kids (and their teachers) enjoyed a school break, went supply shopping, and even found new shoes for everyone in anticipation of their upcoming home assignment. They also enjoyed plenty of swimming, which the kids always look forward to, with a lovely day at the beach and a few days break at their favourite hotel before heading back home.

Translation is going well. Sasch has made steady progress in drafting and Julie (their co-worker) has been working on comprehension checks. Sasch has also started helping with checking. The goal is to draft and check at least through chapter ten of Mark’s Gospel by September, at which time they will have another round of final checks with a translation consultant. Pray for good progress and completion of goals over the next few months.

Continue to pray for all involved in the dorm ministry. The last school year has wrapped up and a new wave of kids are working on registering for the next school year. Ideally, they would be able to register in a school near the dorm so they can also stay there. Please pray for this process, as it has been very uncertain in recent years. It does seem that a solution has presented itself, at least for new incoming students, for which they are thankful, but pray that this would prove to be a long-term solution. Pray for the kids and dorm parents as the new school year ramps up and they adjust to the dynamics of dorm life with yet more kids in the ‘family’.

Somewhat tied to this issue is the new dorm building project. The retaining walls are finished. The next step is figuring out a floor plan so that they can hire workers to begin building. Pray for wisdom as to how large a building to aim for and when to begin construction.

Unfortunately, not much progress has been made on constructing the church building since the last big workweek. As is typical, most people are gone for work, either gold mining or making ‘eucalyptus’ oil. Additionally, the work is at a point that an experienced woodworker needs to be present in order to proceed. Pray that the men will be able to consider tasks and priorities, and set aside time in the coming months, especially as the temporary tent structure they have used for the last three years continues to deteriorate.

Four years ago, two young people from the village made the commitment to attend Bible school and mission training programme. This year they graduated! Pray for them as they transition away from school and seek wisdom as to where and how God will use them in ministry. Also pray for wisdom and faithfulness as they simultaneously return “home” to their families, and begin a new season of life and ministry.

Dennis (Sasch’s brother who was helping with home schooling), has been a big blessing. Pray for him as he gets back into ‘normal’ life again in Germany.

The next couple of months will likely be even more busy than usual for Sasch and Charissa, with the need to finish up translation projects, sort out and pack up the house and make plans for both home countries in addition to “normal” school, family and ministry life. Home assignment, it is coming up quickly! They have plane tickets and plan to be in the USA during November and December.

Pray for peace, wisdom and energy for all of them in the coming months.

Thank you for and praying for Sasch, Charissa and family.