No superheroes

Regina has been in Senegal for more than a week now, and it has been a very intense, but good time. So much has happened. God has really gone before. Three flights were cancelled before she was finally able to travel. When she arrived, there was heavy rain and so many places were flooded, some people lost their homes and she barely made it through a flooded street.

It is a big change, especially the heat and noise in the neighbourhood. She has to get used to it and hopes for restful nights soon. Missionaries are not superheroes. They get tired. They are weak. They get sick. They are fragile. They need grace and mercy and to have a watchful heart. Victory is gained with and through the LORD.

The first days were very busy with errands, visits and appointments. Regina’s colleagues are also tired from the last months of restrictions etc., due to Covid. Her first Sunday in the church was very enjoyable, with an encouraging sermon and a farewell party for one of their pastors. She was glad that she had arrived in time for it.

God willing, Regina will be going to the neighbouring country of Guinea for about three months to support a family as a home school helper. Please pray that the land borders to Guinea will open at some point, that Regina will get a visa and entry permit, for safe travels (it is a short flight but a long journey to the village) and that she could deal well with the changes and be a blessing to the family.