No other way

There is only one way/road, the saving man, there is no other way! This has been a theme all throughout the Old Testament stories over the past weeks of teaching. Man can only come to God by way of the saving man. Starting in the garden with Adam and Eve, to Cain and Abel, to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses, this theme has been repeated over and over again. This week they finally started to teach about the coming of that Saviour, Jesus Christ. 

Jason Williamson reports that the Holy Spirit continues to do His work of revealing truth to many people here. It is so rewarding for the missionaries to witness first hand God’s Word cutting through the thick entangled lies these people have lived with for so long. Jason wishes he was more gifted in writing so that he could explain better what is going on from day to day. There are so many conversations after the teaching or just running into someone on the trail, it’s hard for him to communicate all that they are witnessing.

The team have now taught through the Old Testament, drawing to a close with God sending prophets to warn Israel, Jonah and Israel in captivity. Then finishing with prophecies about the Saviour. Last Friday they began to talk about the angel appearing to Mary, and they talked about many of the misconceptions about her. Previous religious influence had taught that Mary was sinless, and was sent as a spirit to give birth to Jesus. During the lesson on Mary one man stood up and asked direct questions (previously rehearsed) about Mary. The team answered each of these questions from God’s Word. Afterwards, the people easily accepted this new truth and were saddened by all the years they had wasted praying to her.

This week the team is teaching:
The birth of Jesus
John the Baptist /Jesus’ baptism
Jesus is tempted
Jesus begins his ministry

Two quotes from the people:
“Jason I’m so afraid, I know that I have broken God’s law and I have no way on my own to fix it, If I die tomorrow I will go to hell, I want to hurry up and hear the rest of the story of the Saviour.”
“After hearing about Jonah trying to run away from God, now I know that there is truly no where I can hide from God. God sees my sin and he alone will save me through the Saviour.”

Thank you for continuing to pray for the work!

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