No mistakes

It has been almost two years now since Ralf and Elli Schlegel and family returned to Germany from Papua New Guinea. They were not expecting to stay that long. However, God knew absolutely everything. He knew about Covid-19 and all the changes this would cause in their lives. They do not understand it all but they know the ONE who understands, who makes no mistake and even uses absolutely everything for their best!

It looks like they can actually get to go back to PNG very soon! They have received the special entry permit from the government of PNG and purchased the tickets for their trip back!

If the three of them will test negative for Covid-19 then they will start their trip back next month. After three flights (21 hours altogether), they will arrive in the capital of PNG. They will then spend two weeks in quarantine in their house on the Mission’s centre. On one hand, they are so excited about going back but on the other hand, the thought of leaving their two older girls is quite heavy on them.

Part of their hearts are with the ministry, their co-workers and the Dinangat church; but still the other big part of their hearts is with their girls, and they will have to say good-bye to Naomi and Rebekka. It is both – so good and so hard! On some days, they are not sure what to do with the mixed feelings; it is just something they will have to take day by day.

They are holding on to God’s great hand! He has faithfully carried them through good-byes many times before and He will do it again! Thank you for your PRAYERS for them in this!

They are excited about their daughter Rebekka and Tobi’s wedding which will take place in just a few weeks! It will be different since they cannot have a big reception but it will be very special in a different way!  Pray that their day will hold wonderful memories!

Thank you all for your prayers for Ralph, Elli and Mimi as they return and for the Dinangat church.