No longer tourists

Everyday life is becoming familiar and Steve and Gerdine are beginning to feel settled.
Their bodies are adapting to the heat, their ears to the sounds of the national language, their noses to the smells and their feet to the muddy trails!
Pray for Steve and Gerdine as they get used to the security challenges that they face when out and about. Being constantly vigilant for opportunistic theft or robbery is not something they’ve ever had to do before in their home countries and it can be a weight to carry around.

The people in Papua New Guinea are amazingly accepting and hospitable for the most part however:
Imagine you are cooking a meal at your home and a strange foreigner comes up and asks “What are you doing? Can I watch? Can you tell me what you’re doing and I record it on my voice recorder?”
Weird right? Well that’s exactly what Steve and Gerdine have been doing in PNG to learn the trade language and people are welcoming them into their lives and helping them learn; everywhere they go they’re warmly invited back and this is an encouragement and blessing.

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