Nights of prayer

Anna Ciociola recently had the pleasure of travelling to Ivory Coast to visit a local missionary couple, which was a huge blessing! Her time there was wonderful, a time of encouragement, fellowship and seeing how God’s work continues, despite various difficulties.

Ivory Coast has many bananas which are harvested and sold on the street, grilled, fried (like chips) and in so many different ways! The landscape is green – Senegal’s landscape is yellow/sandy.

Anna was able to visit two local churches and see how open they were to mission! Glory to God for that!

Pray for the political stability of the country. Also, pray that the Lord will bring many out of darkness into the light!

Recently one of Anna’s friends attended church for the first time heard the Gospel. It is a big step for the local people that do not know Jesus. Pray for her salvation.

The pastor of the church Anna attends in Senegal organised a prayer meeting each night for a week: the whole church was divided into groups, every group prayed all night for a specific request: to buy a slot on local television station to broadcast the Gospel on television and radio in various languages. The church does not have the money, but have the faith; they wait for God’s answer.

God willing, Anna will be in Italy on home assignment from mid-May to mid-October. Pray for opportunities her to visit some churches and challenge them for mission.