Next steps clearer

After a welcome break seeing family in England and Germany, Daniel and Hanna Temlett have returned to North Cotes for mission simulation. They are now in the throes of preparation. They need to plan meals, buy food and arrange learning schedules and set up the camp for the month of isolation. Please do pray for them and their fellow students in their preparation and for the month ahead. Thank the Lord for His help in making mission simulation possible.

Beyond the month of August, their plans have also taken shape for the next year. God willing Hanna will undertake the third year training; studying linguistics and Daniel will be helping on campus running the practical programme for the students and teaching in the Biblical studies class. He will begin by teaching about the book of Psalms in twelve class hours. Pray for wisdom and strength in their studying etc., for the next year.

Daniel finds it astounding how God uses us in ‘our weakness’, since just five years ago he hated standing in front of people. However, God has given him a desire to teach despite his weakness.

Boy’s Bible study will end this week as they finish their last session in 1 John and the boys enter their summer break. Daniel has known a great blessing being involved in their lives, sharing truth of Scripture and getting to know them. Along with the other leaders who have also thoroughly enjoyed studying through the books of Philippians and 1 John they feel greatly encouraged in their learning. Pray for the Bible study boys beyond this year.

In relation to college-life and how the ‘new norm’ is taking shape in the world, please do pray for the college leadership and staff as they try to make wise decisions for the college for the next school year, and beyond and for the NTM leadership in light of increasing complications to the work.