New Volunteers

Pray for the nursery team as they work together, that God would be glorified through their service for Him. Pray for the volunteers as they already start to make plans for next year.
As well as looking after children each day and managing the nursery, Kirsty also wears a few other ‘hats’ at North Cotes. She is on the committees for organising the two annual conferences as well as the Carol Service in charge of decorating for the different events that take place on campus.

Pray for more people willing to join the team at North Cotes, many of the current staff team are taking on, or doing jobs that need more personnel, and wearing more ‘hats’ than they are able to balance. It would be great to have more staff that are permanent.

Two years ago Kirsty was diagnosed with M.E. Medication helped her to gain more energy and she had been doing better. However, in the past few months she has been really struggling, and has been referred to a rheumatologist. However, her appointment is not until the end of May! Please pray for an earlier appointment and relief from the pain. In addition, pray that Kirsty can start working with the children again rather than just being in the office; she is missing being with them each day.

Thank you for your prayer support, it enables Kirsty to continue on in this ministry.

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