New Testimonies of God’s Grace

Many of you have been praying for the Amdu people who had the opportunity to hear the ‘Creation to Christ’ teaching leading up to Easter this year. Thank you so much for faithfully praying for them and for Benjamin and Missy Hatton, especially as they presented the final lessons making the Gospel clear.

Since then they have had the joy of hearing several clear testimonies of faith in Jesus, and have welcomed new believers into the Body of Christ in Amdu. It was great for them to hear how confident each person was of their need for a Saviour and very sweet to hear each one explain why they were confident that Jesus was the One they were trusting.

Pray for these new believers to continue to attend the meetings and listen to the message of grace each week so that they will continue to grow.

One of the things Benjamin and Missy will miss the most when they are in the USA for home assignment is the weekly believer’s meetings they have been enjoying.

In recent meetings, they have spent time considering the future events that shape the motivations for the Church of God.  They introduced the believers to the teaching about the Rapture, the Bema Seat of Christ and the Wedding Feast of the Lamb.  These lessons inspired much joy and a lot of great conversation.

In the coming weeks the Amdu Church will begin to be taught through the book of Romans.  They will also continue to review topics like the importance of prayer, the definition of worship, the significance of communion and how baptism impacts the life of the believer. Thank you for continuing to pray for the believers, that they would prioritise gathering together!

Co-workers Bart and Emily Allen, and their boys are going to be alone in Amdu for the next ten months. As a team, they are thankful for the last seven weeks they were able to spend together in the bush since the Allens returned from their home assignment in the USA.

Pray for Bart and Emily as they take the lead in teaching the believers, discipling new believers and continuing to translate. They will also be keeping the literacy programme going by assisting the newly trained literacy teachers.

Pray that they will enjoy the sufficient supply of God’s grace for them this year while the team is apart. Pray that they will know the wisdom of God as they make many decisions on their own.

Benjamin and Missy recently celebrated their daughter Gianna’s graduation from high school. It was great for them to watch Gianna and their son Judah interact with the wonderful community they have been a part of at the mission school and base. Pray for Benjamin, Missy and family as they settle back in the USA for home assignment. They are eager to share the stories of God’s grace in the coming months.

Thank you for praying for the missionary team and for the Amdu church.