New surroundings

For Ragnar and Elizabeth Niclasen the last few years spent working with their two Kankanaey co-workers on the Kankanaey Bible lessons have been so encouraging. They are very thankful that God brought them together as a team. These men have also verbalised to them, several times, how thankful they are for this opportunity – in their words “We have learned soooo much.”

From the beginning, they have often thought that it would be good to have more men join the team.  Since the Kankanaey are scattered over the surrounding mountains it is difficult to get men from all the areas together.  However, there are a couple of men in the same area as their co-workers who would ‘fit the bill’ just fine.  Ragnar and Elizabeth asked them about joining the team when editing the lessons on the book of Acts and they readily agreed on one condition; that the team work in their village.

These two incidents sent many thoughts running through Ragnar and Elizabeth’s minds.  If the two men they had been working with were growing in their walk with the Lord, while working on the lessons, other men might also benefit.  Moving to the new area would allow them to enlarge the team. Would living there be more profitable for the work?

After praying about it for quite some time and sharing the idea with their family, Ethnos leaders and various friends, they concluded that it probably would be most beneficial for the work. It would thrill their hearts to see many of the believers in this new area grow in their spiritual life, and then spread out to other regions of the Kankanaey to make disciples. Therefore, although a date is not set yet, the decision has been made for them to move to this remote village later this year. They are thankful that after a little bit of work on it, they will be able to live in the house that the former missionary lived in for many years.

Ragnar and Elizabeth appreciate you being on this journey with them. Thank you for praying for them as they make this huge change – not so much in their ministry, but in their surroundings.