New routine

Andrew and Joanna McCready and family are grateful for the freedom that they have to do most things with only a few restrictions.

God has been faithful to keep them healthy and well. Praise God, many prayers have been wonderfully answered. They already feel very much at home in their new location in Asia-Pacific. Some day’s temperatures reach around 35°C, which makes everyday tasks very tiresome. They are thankful for air conditioning in their little house that keeps their heads cool when they are trying to study language.

Many of you have been praying for their housing situation. A few weeks ago, totally unexpectedly, their landlord contacted them to ask if they wanted to rent the house until June. Wow! God is wonderful.

They are also thankful to have figured out a new routine. This means that Joanna usually has two language sessions a week and Andrew tries to meet someone every day. Outside of official language sessions, they work on vocabulary learning, analysing grammatical patterns and word order.

As they are now in Stage 3, they have started to ask their language helper to tell them stories about different topics. These could be ‘my visit to the hospital’, ‘growing up in a tribal village’, ‘my parents’ accident on the river’… This is a very exciting stage in language learning. Hearing people’s personal stories is very interesting.

In February, Andrew was able to accompany two other missionaries on their trip to a tribal village about an hour’s flight away. He was able to see tribal life and join in with the people’s different routines.

In their hometown, Andrew and Joanna have been able to join the different meetings and activities happening among teenagers. Various Bible studies as well as sport and fun activities keep everybody very busy. Pray that God would work in the teenagers’ hearts, use them as they study in town, and maybe even return to their tribal homes.

Andrew and Joanna are also thankful for the time they are able to spend with their co-workers from America, Canada and Norway. They are a real encouragement to them.

Andrew was asked by a local friend to join an ‘English club’ and he enjoys getting to know those that attend.

As Andrew and Joanna are moving forward they try and set their priorities right every day. God wants them to thrive and be a useful tool. As they want to be useful for HIM they ask God to show them what that might mean practically.

Thank you for your faithfulness in praying for them. They have repeatedly seen God’s direct answer.

Pray for:

Friendships and contacts

The teenagers

Progress in language study

Strength for their everyday tasks