New Roles

After deciding to stay at North Cotes and in discussion with leadership Paul and Naomi Born have new roles. They are now the NTM-UK volunteer/associate coordinators. That means they are responsible for those who volunteer at the college, for example in the nursery or the kitchen.

They are also responsible for associates or volunteers who go out from the UK to other mission fields.

At the end of August having just returned from Germany they jumped straight into their new role orienting the new volunteers. It was not easy but they really felt the Lord’s help with their new responsibilities.

They hold a fellowship group with the volunteers one evening a week meeting with them separately once a month. They also plan to have a potluck once a month to have fellowship together. Please pray that as Paul and Naomi step into this new role that they would be a blessing and the Lord would help them along the way.

Naomi will be teaching phonetics, phonemics and grammar again this year, which starts in November and goes through into February.

Paul will be changing some of his ministry responsibilities too.

Aria and Ezra their children, have both been unwell recently but despite this they enjoyed the time with family in Germany and are learning so much at home and in nursery. Aria has just started pre-school. Pray for wisdom in parenting and for good health.

Paul and Naomi are thankful for prayer, without which they would not be able to do the work.