New responsibilitie

Paul and Lesley McKnight with Callum, Amy and Lydia, have been back in Papua New Guinea for just over a year now. They are so thankful to be able to be a part of the amazing things God is doing in PNG. Paul and Lesley have both been learning some new responsibilities. Paul just started his second year as vice-principal of Numonohi Christian Academy. He feels he has a good balance between admin and teaching three classes each day, as well as coaching sports after school. Over the summer break he and a colleague stepped in to cover the management of the support centre as the usual manager, suffered a heart attack a few months ago. Pray for good health for the centre manager and his wife, as they settle back into life back on the centre.

In the last few months, Paul, Lesley and family have said goodbye to lots of good friends. Neighbours, colleagues, two doctors, Bible study partners, teachers, director and one of the pilots and their families. Never easy! Nevertheless, they are always thankful for the new team members that God sends.

Lesley has been covering the physio needs at the clinic as usual and although there have been several staff changes her work has been consistent. She has joined a new team, which jumps into action when there is a medical evacuation. Her role is on the administrative side, helping to complete all the paperwork and bookings that are necessary before a patient can be flown to the capital or to Australia. As the clinic currently has no doctor on base, pray that there are no emergencies any time soon!

Praise and Prayer

1. Praise God for providing a new helicopter for the aviation programme and a second one due to be shipped to PNG soon, with a third still at the fundraising stage.

2. Pray for the clinic team as they provide medical support for the local community as well as the missionaries. For wisdom, protection, unity and the urgent need for more doctors.

3. Pray for wisdom for Paul as he continues to teach, helps with administration for the mission school, and serves on the centre management team.

4. Praise God for a lovely family break in Australia over the summer.

5. Pray for Callum, Amy and Lydia, for protection over Paul and Lesley’s marriage and their family back at home.

6. The school is still in need of several more teachers over the next few years. Please pray for this huge ongoing need!

Thanks for partnering with Paul and Lesley through prayer as they continue to serve the people of PNG through support work, helping to reach them with the Good News.