New Publisher Found

David and Shari Ogg are thankful that over the last several weeks they were able to personally establish contact with a company to print the Simbari Bible. The company produces high quality Bibles and were willing to take on this project even though they are very busy. One of David and Shari’s co-workers from another language group bordering the Simbari area used this company to print a Bible translation fourteen years ago and the Bibles have held up well in the humid PNG climate. They have received the digital proofs from the publisher and are reviewing them. They made a slight alignment adjustment for the title on the cover but everything else looks good so far. They expect it to be completed in June, which is only a few months away. Please pray that there are no delays.

Recording of the Simbari Audio Bible continues and they are up to Genesis chapter 20. They already have about 3000 Old Testament verses translated but have plans for at least 5000 more. They have begun drafting the book of Ruth and are almost done with the third chapter. What an amazing story of faith.

They are so thankful for the opportunity to translate more OT scriptures for the Simbari church. Thanks for your prayers and support of the Simbari ministry.