New plans

For Daniel, Nicole and David Noort school season is now in full swing. David seems to have found his pace and likes all subjects.

Daniel and Nicole are currently working on Ministry Partnership Development (MPD). In other words, they are working on expanding their group of partners in ministry.

They regularly visit three different churches and try to be a helping hand. In August they helped bringing in bales of straw with friends from church. Nicole recently helped a family with catering for a wedding.

They are looking forward to the 13th October when they will have the opportunity to give testimony in another church.

Their time is filled with making contacts, building relationships, helping with odd jobs and work on and around the campus of Ethnos Canada.

They praise God that they can also make plans for the future. Pray for wisdom and patience

One of Daniel and Nicole’s co-workers would like to take steps towards the Inuit in the north of Quebec. He already visited with a group last year and wants to visit again and see what is possible. There is currently a single lady working teaching children up north who will be seeking a replacement within a year or two. In this way Daniel and Nicole pray that God will also open a door for them in that direction. They are planning a trip with two or maybe three people October/November. Pray that God will shape and bless their plans.