New Opportunities

For the last few years the Hulley’s and the Lenz’s have been discussing and praying about the possibility of partnering with some other evangelical mission organisations in their area; to see the Gospel spread throughout the North Wahgi language group and beyond.
In February and May, the team met with the leadership of one of these missions to share their concerns about preserving the purity of the Gospel and seeking how they might be able to partner with them to help teach and equip their pastors. They have received positive feedback from these meetings and, most recently, Levi Lenz has been invited to teach at one of this mission’s Bible Colleges where their pastors are trained. He has been given four hours on two mornings this week and has been asked to teach about the ‘Fall of Mankind’ and The ‘Promise of a Redeemer’.
Please pray for Levi as he prepares his lessons. Pray that this time will go well and will be an inroad for future meaningful partnership.
Also, pray that the current political climate will not keep him from being able to go do this teaching.

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