New opportunities

Kristine’s plan for the next few months is to get settled again into everyday life; get used to the heat, meet up with friends and colleagues, get some practical stuff done like servicing her bike and so on.
Later this month Kristine is going up north six hours by car/bus to spend time with the Lauje team. One of the families in that team lives in a village by the coast and run a boarding house for kids from Lauje that go to school at the coast. The plan is for Kristine to spend time with them, get to know them and the village and build relationships with people there.
Kristine wants to see if she can fit into the Lauje team, and also to get to know the area. This is where she would do her shopping; use the internet and so on if she ends up working in the mountains with the Lauje people group. Kristine will also be able to get to know the youth that live there and their families, and maybe start studying a little language and culture. Pray that Kristine will clearly see where God wants her, and the work He has prepared for her. Also pray that Kristine will be a good testimony to her friends and the Lauje youth and for wisdom and strength.

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