New opportunities

Recently NTM leadership asked Lourens and Marie if they would be interested in living outside the bush for a while at the support centre (base) and to be the “co-ordinator” for all the things that NTM is involved with on the Island. The current co-ordinator will soon start a nine-month furlough, so there was a need for someone to fill in for him and his wife.
Lourens will also be traveling to many other church plants on the Island and other areas as well to help as a consultant.
Lourens and Marie have always been on the receiving side – having a great support base behind them while they are in the bush, now they will be part of this structure that they so admire, helping out other missionaries. Pray for them to have wisdom in all of this… their emphasis is shifting for the next year from working with the Mengen church to joining hands with fellow missionaries, making sure things run smoothly…they are excited but also realise their own shortcomings in leading such a great team.
The Mengen church is happy for them, and encouraging them to help out in this way. Lourens will still have a lot of contact with the Mengen church especially in the two outreaches on the North Coast.
Please remember to pray for the new village outreach. Believers moved there two weeks ago with their family. The teaching has started, and they are very excited for a new group of people who can for the first time ever, hear the story of the Bible. Lourens and Marie can’t wait to see how this Story is going to change their whole world around. From darkness to light!
Lourens and Marie’s four children are doing fine. Schooling is moving ahead very well. Sometimes Marie even feels like she might be starting to enjoy home-schooling.
The Laureti family are thankful for your prayers for them. You are a part in getting the Gospel to others, which is no small thing.

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