New ministry

A month ago, Alessandro and Chantal Parrillo arrived safe and sound in Dakar, Senegal! Overall, the trip went very well. After 24 hours of travel, they arrived in Dakar, and their entire luggage made it too! Thank you, Lord!

It was a huge blessing for them to move right into their new apartment! It has not always been easy, but little by little, they are settling in and adjusting to life back in West Africa: the heat and humidity, new smells and sounds, their new reality. Right now, it is the rainy season. Dakar does not normally get much rain, but this year it has rained a lot, and when it does rain, the roads are quickly flooded which makes getting around very difficult, if not impossible.

The children started school two weeks ago. They like their classes and their teachers and are privileged to attend a school where God is at the centre. School transportation is expensive and complicated. Right now, the children leave at 6:40a.m. to get to school, which starts at 8:00a.m. Alessandro and Chantal are considering different options, so please pray that God will guide them in their decisions.

When they left Guinea in 2020, they left suddenly and most of their belongings stayed behind. Now they need to collect them. It is about a twelve-hour drive to get to the village. Alessandro has left for his first trip. He went by bush taxi and then partway there, he met up with colleagues and continued on to the village with them. He has been able to get their vehicle in working order and will be bringing back some of their things to Dakar. It will take him several trips. The fact that he needs to get a visa each time he enters Guinea complicates matters. They plan to use their vehicle to make these trips, but afterwards they will sell it, since it is not possible for them to import it to Senegal.


– They arrived safely in Dakar with their entire luggage.

– They are adjusting well.

– The children like their new school.

– Chantal’s health remains stable.

– God continues to provide.

Prayer requests:

– Their continued adjustment.

– A good solution for school transportation.

– Alessandro’s trip to Guinea and help for Chantal and the children who will stay in Dakar.

– For provision for their needs.

– That they will walk faithfully with the Lord every day.

– For their role as parents and for their children to grow in the ways of the Lord.

– For the Bible teaching being done in the village where they previously served.