New material

Lív is back in West Africa after some months in her home country. She is thankful to the Lord for her time there. She was able to accomplish many of the things that she had planned to do, and most importantly, to spend time with friends and family – she misses them a lot when away and is thankful for the internet, so that she can talk with them and see pictures.

Lív’s house in her home country needs some renovations. Please pray that the work will go well. Lív hopes to move in next summer.

Lív spent some weeks in the capital of the country where she serves before returning to the village. She was able to finish some printing of the books and epistles that were consultant checked during the last 12 months – the book of Esther, Jonah, the Gospel of John, Hebrews, James, 1st and 2nd Peter, 1st, 2nd and 3rd John and Jude. The books were printed in large and small script. Those that read are always happy to get new material. Pray that the Lord will speak to them through what they are reading.

At the end of November, the translation consultant will return to check the last seven chapters of Luke and the Gospel of Matthew. Pray for his trip from the USA to the village, that everything will go well and that he will not miss any of his connections. Pray for health and stamina for the missionary team and the language helpers. Pray that their computers will work as they should. Also, pray that all the practical things will fall into place with hosting and the meals during the check.

The dry season has started and the weather is now cooling down. That is always a blessing. People are busy harvesting their fields. Many are complaining about their cotton fields. Many of the plants are affected by disease, and have not produced as they should. This is their cash crop. Thankfully, their food crops seem to be doing well. Pray that they will have a good harvest.

Continue to pray for the young believer as he translates the Old Testament. He is steadily moving forward.

Thank you so much for your prayers for the missionaries and people. They really need them and they mean more than you can imagine. It has been such an encouragement lately for Lív to see how the Lord has answered prayers and resolved issues that were difficult and where she felt helpless. He really can turn situations around. Pray especially as they are so close to finishing the New Testament. Pray for the Lord’s protection upon them as a team, for wisdom, grace, unity, and that they will be salt and light to those around them.