New life

It has been over six months since Christopher and Lilli Meyer with Linda and Silas returned to Germany for home assignment and a lot has happened in the meantime. They have travelled a lot to visit old friends and make new friends, to visit churches which that they were familiar with before, but also to visit quite a few new churches.

They are very thankful that all this was possible. Even the restrictions, which are in place due to Covid, did not really affect any of their travel plans.

It has been a great joy for them to talk to so many people about their experiences in Papua New Guinea over the period of four years prior to their home-assignment. The Gospel has hada huge impact on the lives of many Kaje. They used to be spiritually dead, but now there is so much new life through Jesus, the Messiah – incredible!

Linda, who is now eight years old, attends a tiny Christian school close to where they live – and she loves it. She has made friends and enjoys time spent with girls her age.

Silas is enjoying life, too! He is now five years old and goes to pre-school with a friend and his cousin once a week. He enjoys playing football in a team.

Christopher and Lilli are eagerly waiting for their baby-girl to arrive. Pray for Lilli. Being pregnant is exhausting and tiring.

Last month Christopher and Lilli had a week of debriefing with a couple who work as counsellors. It was good for them to take time to reflect over the four years they had in Papua New Guinea. Those four years were packed with great moments and events – they saw how a church was born, many people being baptised, people learning to read and write, etc. However, it was also a very challenging time and they felt discouraged and overwhelmed more than once or twice. It was great for them to focus on how God carried them through and how He is such a personal God.

Since they are so busy, they do not hear too much from the Kaje on the other side of the globe. However, their co-workers send them updates every so often. The work is moving forward. All eight students of the fifth literacy class graduated in December. It is still a long road for them to become fluent readers. Each student has to be motivated himself to keep picking up books and trying to read them. That is definitely something you could continue to pray about!

They are thankful for:

  • The many visits they could make and God’s provision and safe-keeping
  • Linda and Silas and how well they settled in
  • A good pregnancy

Pray with them for:

  • The last few weeks of the pregnancy and a good birth
  • A good second half of their home-assignment
  • The Kaje church to grow in their faith