New Families

They are hoping one of these families may want to join their team. These families still have a a few months of orientation left before they will be ready to think about a bush location; but Steve and Gerdine are hoping their brief introduction put Kaser into a few minds.

While the new missionaries are continuing with their orientation Steve and Gerdine are looking into starting to translate the ‘King of Glory’ material into Tok Pisin the trade language of PNG. They already have the chronological teaching books in this language and the teachers have access to pictures which they can show as the story develops but ‘King of Glory’ is a combination of both. It is essentially 70 pictures with the lessons on the back. It is very similar to NTM’s material. It could be a great discipleship tool for parents to use with their children.
NTM’s current material is great in a formal setting for a teacher; but this could be a good informal discipleship tool for families.
They will both be involved along with others in this translation project. They are only just getting started with the preliminaries but it will be like having a dry run at Bible translation principles which is a great opportunity for them.
Last month Steve and his co-worker Philip finally started teaching religious education at a local technical college for 18 to 30-year-olds, with 900 students from all over PNG. They couldn’t teach everyone in one go so they teach the same lesson five times to 150 students at a time.
Praise God for this remarkable opportunity! They have five hours at the college every week.
The response so far has been very encouraging. The teachers are all excited and view these lessons as equally important if not more important than the subjects they themselves teach. The students listen with rapt attention, can answer all the review questions and often tell Steve and Philip afterwards how glad they are to be getting the teaching.
The 68 lessons will fill the school year, they’re expecting it to finish late November. Steve and Gerdine hope that they will be moving on with allocating to a tribe before then so other NTM members will have to take this work from them. But they are overjoyed to be the ones to take on this remarkable opportunity. Pray for God’s Word to sink deep into these men and women’s lives.
Gerdine is working in administration. One of the aspects of the work that she appreciates is working alongside two national ladies. Sometimes it is a challenge because they think so differently but it is a good experience for when a church is born in their future tribal work and they are shoulder to shoulder with nationals who will also think differently!

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