New experience

Elisabeth Schindzielorz is continuing with her language lessons in West Africa. She has decided on a topic for her culture assignment. She is going to write about modern medicine in Senegal (all in French). The aim is to find out what people think about modern medicine, what their expectations are, what is important to them and how the medical system is structured. Elisabeth has already been able to conduct the first interviews, including talking with medical staff.

Another exciting experience was a trip and stay in a village near a small town by the sea. Missionaries (of another organisation) also live in this village, which Elisabeth and her co-worker visited for three days. After arriving in the small town by bus, they first visited one of the largest fish markets. She had never seen so many fish in one place before and could only marvel. They then continued by car to the village where they were only surrounded by fields, animals, plants, and a few simple houses. The missionaries had chickens, three dogs, three sheep and rabbits. They breed the chickens and rabbits themselves, so they helped muck out and clean the rabbit hutches. They were also involved in cooking and watering the plants.

They learned more about life in the countryside and were also able to ask questions about their translation work. In the morning, they were woken up by several cockerels and donkeys that were awake very early. On the last evening, they grilled fish and ate it from a shared plate on the ground with their hands. It was a challenge for Elisabeth to eat with her right hand, as she is left-handed. The sea bream and monkfish, with the onion sauce and bread, were very good. The time passed far too quickly, but Elisabeth is grateful for all the new experiences and impressions that she gained.


– For continued good progress in language studies. At a recent check progress was again visible.

– For all the experiences and a blessed time in the village.

– That Elisabeth has decided on a topic for her culture assignment.

– For unexpected times to rest.


– For patience and strength in language studies.

– For a good balance between learning and times of rest.

– For Elisabeth to be a blessing and a good help in the Sunday school.

– That the political situation calms down, and for peace in Senegal.

– That she can be a testimony to the people around her.

– For her father; that his additional cancer therapy works, and he tolerates it well.

– For clear guidance on how to proceed after the language and cultural studies.

Thank you for your prayer.