New direction

This will be Manfred and Rosie’s twelfth move within six years. Their next home assignment was planned in about one year’s time, when Rosie’s pension expires and needs to be extended again. But Manfred’s parents really need help and the Lord made it clear that they should assist them now. At times God just uses such circumstances to direct our paths.
Both Manfred and Rosie have found peace about this move back to Germany. They have expressed their desire to continue the work for the Philippines, as there is still a lot to do and the field leadership would appreciate their help. Via internet, Manfred will be able to access data and also send or receive data. As Rosie’s energy is very limited, Manfred will make a new employment contract with shortened operating time, so he will be able to assist his parents. Pray for them as they discuss these plans with the leadership in Germany.
Rosie has been able to share the complete chronological Bible lessons with three ladies from their neighbourhood. Now that these ladies have heard the whole message from creation to resurrection, Rosie has given them some more reading material in their own language. Pray that the Lord will continue to use other Christians in their lives to disciple them.
In the meantime Manfred and Rosie have sold more than half of their belongings already, and hope for further purchasers for the rest. At the end of this month, they will leave their apartment for good and fly to Manila, where they will spend a few days for meetings with leadership and office staff, clear their storage cabinet and also have some fellowship with dear friends. Early in July they will return to Germany and go to Manfred’s parents’ place. Please pray that they will be able to finish their sale in time, have safe trips as well as good leave taking and a new start in Germany.
Manfred’s parents have a few rooms available in their house which Manfred and Rosie can set up for themselves. Also Manfred needs to install internet so he will be able to continue his work. This step is quite a challenge for them, but they can see God’s hand in it and, by His grace, Manfred and Rosie can do all things that He puts in front of them.

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