New blessings

The new year has brought new blessings for Anna Ciociola who has now been in West Africa for eight months, serving in the business office. Anna has a new ministry among young women at her church. It takes her an hour using public transport to get to the church, which is an experience in itself.

In her new church ministry, Anna works alongside a Senegalese lady. They organise a meeting once a month for the ladies they are responsible for and visit them in their homes. Anna is enjoying deepening relationships and learning more of the culture.

Once a week Anna is also blessed to attend the church to pray with a group of intercessors who pray specifically for the church’s needs.

Pray for Anna’s Italian friend who has a Senegalese husband. She is in contact with her on a daily base and have beautiful discussions about many things.

Pray for her local colleagues’ salvation that the Lord will remove the veil from their eyes and lead them into the kingdom of His beloved Son!