New believers

The previous week the missionaries had taught Jesus’ arrest and crucifixion. The lesson stopped right with Jesus on the cross having willingly allowed himself to be captured and condemned. Paul and Irene’s co-worker, Tim Ullum writes:

“We taught through the death and resurrection of Jesus. We focused on the fact that Jesus accomplished through His death exactly what He intended. Jesus was not forced to the cross by the power of the Romans, but He did what He did to pay our sin debt. …
We used the jar illustration to show God as pure and mankind as full of sin. Jesus came between man and God, and our dark water (our sin) was poured on to Jesus so that we could be made clean before God.
In our illustration I used bleach and vinegar so that when I poured the dark water of our sin onto the pure water of Jesus, the water did not turn black but stayed clear. This demonstrated that Jesus had no sin of His own and therefore was also acceptable to God.
The following day a village friend visited repeated all the main points of the lesson. He confessed (acknowledged) his own sinfulness and that he could do nothing to be clean. Only God could make Him clean. Also he gave a good testimony of why Jesus was crucified on the cross. I asked him why Jesus was captured and crucified. He said that if he had not studied he would have thought that it was some weakness of Jesus. But having studied he knows that Jesus was God’s promised One. He came to accomplish what God promised from the beginning.
We are hoping to do more follow up next week and Lord willing there will be more and more testimonies of God’s work in people’s hearts.”
This has been the third person to give a clear testimony of his faith. The missionary team are praising God for His amazing work. Continue to pray that God would be at work and the people would respond by turning to God and believing.
While the Ullums and the Svobodas have been presenting the Gospel, Paul and Irene with Hannah and Pascal have been enjoying their home assignment. They have able to reconnect with family and friends and have had lots of opportunities to speak in churches and small groups. Paul and Irene have been amazed and humbled at the same time as to how many people are praying for them and the Kendawangan people and they are praising God for what He is accomplishing.
It has been great for Hannah and Pascal to attend a “real” school and they have made many new friends. In just another three weeks or so, Lord willing, they will hopefully welcome their third child. Paul and Irene can hardly wait any longer and are anxious to hold this new precious one in their arms.

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