New believers

Daniel and Rachel Hulley have just finished a new outreach in the village. They taught through the message of salvation as laid out in Scripture for four weeks (three times a week) starting with Genesis and culminating in the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus. They are thrilled by some of the testimonies of those that attended. One man said, “Before I didn’t understand, but now I understand that in God’s eyes the little things that I did, they’re just the same as if I had done the big things. God doesn’t measure sin. I didn’t understand that before, but I do now. I was destined to receive the bad consequence for my sins. But I believe that Jesus died on the cross and he paid for my sins.”
There are twenty-two new believers who want to be baptised and so they are planning to do this on Sunday. Pray that this will be a powerful witness to the community and that these new believers will be a shining example of Christ to the people in their village. Pray that if opposition comes as a result of their baptisms, they would stand firm in the truth of the Gospel.
Rachel and her co-worker, Robyn, are meeting with the ladies on Tuesday afternoons in an effort to disciple them and answer their questions. Some of these believing women are their husband’s second wives. It is a huge challenge for these ladies to live like Jesus would in their situation in life. Pray that they will take great encouragement from the Bible teaching and fellowship and put it into practice in their lives.

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