New beginnings

Christian and Hanna recently returned to Asia-Pacific after spending wonderful time with families, friends, and churches on home assignment in Germany. They have settled in well to their new home, a rented and mostly furnished house in the middle of a local neighbourhood, which was renovated before their arrival. In the first few weeks, they bought kitchen items, a sofa, shelves, and a washing machine. This is the first household that they have furnished together since they got married.

Already they are getting to know some of their new neighbours and, depending on their language skills: Hanna smiled, and Christian chatted.

For Hanna, who is at the culture and language acquisition stage, living in this new area felt like being a toddler and growing up. She had no idea how life worked; understood very little, and could not say anything. After the first few weeks and a few orientation sessions, the “warm-up” phase began for her: together with language helpers, she walked around the neighbourhood and went to the market and took public transport. Shortly before Easter, language studies in stage 1 finally officially began. Since then, she has been meeting with three different language helpers four times a week. She is excited to encounter new words in everyday life and is working hard to catch up with Christian.

Christian reviewed some of stage 3 and began building relationships in the neighbourhood. He is now studying stage 4 and takes part in a chronological Bible study with local people.

During a recent festival they visited three households; and their hearts were warmed as they experienced their hospitality.

They are thankful for:

Complication-free surgery for Christian at the beginning of February and for his quick recovery.

For the good first few weeks back in Asia-Pacific.

Pray for them:

To develop a routine when studying the language and culture.

As they make the decision as to which local church they will worship in.

To continue to build relationships with neighbours.

To always let go of pride and have the courage to go out and make mistakes (which are inevitable).