New arrivals

Alessandro and Chantal Parrillo with Samuel and Jolissa serve among the K…… people of West Africa. They are so thankful to God for their language helper who is continuing to meet with them faithfully during this busy season of working in the fields; they know this is a special blessing!

Continue to pray that Alessandro and Chantal will learn this language and for deepening of relationships with their K…… friends and neighbours. They are so thankful that their co-workers are back in the village with them. Pray that God will provide good language helpers so that they can work on curriculum development and Bible translation of Old Testament portions needed for the Bible teaching.

A young German couple recently arrived to help them with home schooling, and sometimes watching Samuel and Jolissa during parts of Alessandro and Chantal’s language sessions, which is much appreciated.

The team are thankful for another lady who is joining them. As with any entrance into a new context, there are so many things to consider and many decisions to make, so please pray for wisdom, especially in the next few weeks as they will be discussing all of this as a complete team and with leadership.

Chantal is healthy again after three weeks of being unwell. Pray for the families’ health, energy and wisdom in the use of time. Pray for wisdom as well for Samuel’s schooling.

Above all, pray that God works in the heart of the K…… to prepare them to receive His Truth!