New adventure

Ralf and Elli never thought that they would send their children to the Mission school as boarders! And even though the thought of leaving them there and being separated as a family turns Elli’s stomach upside down, God’s peace is bigger and deeper than ever before. As a family they are very sure that this is God’s plan for them right now and this gives them courage. It isn’t easy but they also know that his unfailing love is higher than the heavens and his faithfulness reaches to the clouds (Ps108:4). The Lord is the reason for their life, their family and their work. He started it all, and He will finish it, too! And – He will do it well!
Naomi and Rebekka are excited about this new adventure, and although they miss being in the tribe with their parents and younger sister, they hope the experience will teach them to be dependent on God in new ways.
Pray for them as a family as they adjust to this big change in their lives.

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