New additions

Thank you all for your prayers for Jason and Nisae Williamson’s house build in Masa among the Iski people group of Papua New Guinea. With the help of an amazing team, in two weeks they had the whole house framed and secure. Praise God! Many Iski men also pitched in and helped with the construction. The church helped organise and ship in (via canoe) all of the building supplies. It takes a team! They are so thankful! Jason is there this week to finish plumbing and install the solar system. Thankfully, he has help from one of the tech support missionaries. Nisae will join up with him next week, and Eden soon after and they will be there as a family over Christmas. While they are in Masa, they plan to continue elder training with three families and do some teaching. Nisae will be assisting the church with future literacy planning and reading fluency testing.

Thank you for your continued prayers for the churches in Iski. A couple of weeks ago the Bible teachers in Masa along with help from the Oguru Bible teachers wrapped up a two-month long creation to Christ teaching with around 50 new people. During Jason’s time there for house building, he was able to attend many of the meetings, observe, and give insight to the Bible teachers. For the final lesson on the death, burial, and resurrection, he helped two other Bible teachers from the team – teach it. It was such a joy for Jason to sit and listen to the Iski Bible teachers give such a clear explanation of the Gospel. After the lesson, one lady said, “This talk (about Jesus) is true, I’ve never heard this kind of story before, I believe it!” Praise God for the many new believers that were added to the Masa church!

Jason and Nisae are also praising God for new additions to the small team of Bible teachers in Masa. Currently three teachers are being trained as elders. One of the areas Jason has been giving insight is how to discern who among the young men in the church show the qualities needed to be discipled and trained as Bible teachers. They met to talk about this, and they all agreed on two young men. It was a joy for Jason to see their ability to discern who would be good candidates for this role. Please pray for these two young men and their families that they would continue to grow in integrity and love for the Word.

Pray for one of the three main Bible teachers in Masa, whose unbelieving brother died and there has since been some family tension.

Thank you again for your prayers and partnership in this ministry among the Iski church.