Nearing the end…

David and Robin Watters are nearing the end of their second orientation programme for arriving missionaries who are new to Papua New Guinea. It has been a busy few months, especially for David whilst he was on his own. (Robin was able to return to the USA and spend time with her father before he died.) Now there are only four weeks left.

David has focused on discipleship materials for the students when he has not been teaching.

David and Robin were excited at the potential of what God can do in these families’ lives at the start orientation three months ago. They have seen some exciting growth in the lives of these families. God is at work.
The past six weeks have been difficult. David is so thankful to have his wife back. Now that they are together again, they can work together with these families.

Prayer Requests

1. Pray for these families as they finish their orientation that they will finish well. The last few weeks are very busy with lots of changes.

2. Pray for strength and energy for everyone. With doing two classes back to back, David is tired (being on his own, without Robin for six weeks, probably contributed to that also.)

3. Pray for these families as they trust the Lord for co-workers, and for God’s direction for where He would have them plant a church in PNG.