Multiple Transitions

Paul and Lesley McKnight with Callum, Amy and Lydia are thankful for prayer over these past few months of multiple transitions, travels around the world, a new school year and coming to terms with the passing of Lesley’s father, Dermot, in early June. Pray for Lesley’s mum, sister and extended family as they continue to feel the loss.

They were glad they made the decision to return to Northern Ireland as Lesley’s dad’s health declined very quickly and he passed away on the day after their return. It helped them so much to be with family and friends over the summer. They made it back to Papua New Guinea two days before the start of the new school year.

Approximately 160 students are attending the mission school, Numonohi Christian Academy this year. They are thankful that term one at the mission school went off well. Pray for the new school term that started on October 22nd and for Paul as he teaches and coaches the students. Pray for Paul in his role on the centre leadership team and for continued unity within the support team.

Lesley has been back in the medical clinic working as a physio, since their return. Pray for the medical team as they continue to serve in many ways. Also, pray for wisdom for Lesley as she continues to treat people in the clinic.

Pray for Paul and Lesley’s three wee MK’s (missionary kids): Callum (13), Amy (12) and Lydia (7); especially that they will be able to find them the right schools in Northern Ireland for their next home assignment in 2020. They are thankful that Callum’s arm seems to be healing well after he broke his wrist a few weeks ago.

Paul and Lesley very much appreciate your prayers for the work in PNG and for them as a family, as they continue to serve the people of PNG.