Much to be thankful for

Chris and Ingrid Hughes with Jonathan and Lydia are enjoying being a family of four. Jonathan seems to genuinely like his little sister. Lydia seems to be a laid-back baby so far, is starting to get into a sleep routine, and has fed well from the start.

The Corona virus pandemic is effecting their day-to-day lives. Last week, Ingrid’s mum was due to visit from Norway to meet Lydia. Of course, that could not happen. They were also planning to head to Norway in May but that does not look very likely. In terms of the rest of their time before heading back to PNG, all the conferences and churches that wanted them to give a report understandably have had to cancel. Chris and Ingrid plan to make a video report, but it will not be the same as seeing people in person, which they would have so loved to do.

So what about their return to PNG? Well, they are not sure when they will be able to get back. International travel restrictions will need to be lifted and borders opened but they also need to get to Norway before heading back to PNG and there are things that need to be done before they can leave the UK (like getting their house ready to rent and getting a PNG entry permit for Lydia. Neither of those are possible to work on right now.) A lot has changed and most things are up in the air right now. Chris and Ingrid plan to go back as soon as they can.

They have much to be thankful for and even though this short furlough is not going to be how they imagined it, they are staying healthy, have a comfortable house to live in and food to eat. There is plenty of work to be done – the problem is, knowing what should take priority. They are already seeing how God is using this time to raise opportunities that would not normally have come up and to challenge their thinking as to whether they will trust God or not.

Pray for continued peaceful hearts to trust God’s wisdom and timing and for the wisdom to know how best to use this time.

They miss PNG. Please pray for their friends there, as many are a long way from their home countries, and it is now very difficult to get home. They are experiencing similar measures to here in terms of the lock down and they would really appreciate your prayers, as the future for them looks uncertain too. All of them are there to see the Gospel brought to places where it has not been yet or to help in developing the new church plants to maturity.

Pray for those places where there are no believers and no missionaries. Pray people will go where not a single person praises the God who made them and sent His Son so that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life (John 3:16). Pray that when this is over, more and more people in otherwise closed places will be open to hearing the hope that Jesus brings.

Chris and Ingrid are so grateful for your prayers.